You will create four tiles using the sgraffito technique. The tiles can be used as coasters or wall decor. I will assist you in designing a suitable graphic image on tracing paper before class or you may use one of my botanical images like the sample.

Here is a description of the process: On just past leather-hard stage, the clay surface is coated with several layers of underglaze of contrasting color to the white clay body.  While the glaze is drying, draw your design on tracing paper. Place the tracing paper on the clay surface and use a pencil to trace over the design. The pencil will leave an impression. Using the sgraffito technique you will carve out your design using a sharp tool revealing the contrasting color of the clay underneath. The piece is then bisque fired. I will apply a clear gloss glaze and fire your tiles again.  Your tiles will be ready to pick up a week later.

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