Sample of Sgraffito Technique

Sample of Sgraffito Technique

In this class you will discover this versatile technique.

Create a lidded container and decorate it using the sgraffito technique. This surface technique creates a lovely wood block print-like image on the clay. We will create the container in wet clay in the first class and discuss and prepare the surface design on tracing paper. I will assist you designing a suitable graphic image or you may use one of my samples. The surface design can allude to what is inside such as dog treats or candy if you like. In the second class, using a special tool, we will scratch the design into the glazed surface revealing the clay color underneath.

$59 for TWO, 2-hour classes.

*Please note* This is a 2-part class:

Part 1: November 8, 6:00-9:00 pm. We build the project in wet clay creating a basic cylinder-shaped container with a lid and a knob design of your choosing. We will also discuss and start to create the design for the surface.

Part 2: November 15, 6:00-9:00 pm. On just past leather-hard stage, the clay surface is coated with several layers of underglaze of contrasting color—usually black—to the beige clay body. While the glaze is drying, the design is drawn on tracing paper. Place the tracing paper on the clay surface and use a pencil to trace over the design. The pencil will leave an impression in the clay. Using the sgraffito technique you will carve out the design using a sharp tool revealing the contrasting color of the clay underneath.

A few days after class once the containers are dry they will be bisque fired. I will then apply clear glaze to seal the surface and fire it again. You may come to the studio to do this step if you would like!

All work will be returned to you within 10 days.

Class includes all firings and supplies. 

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