clay classes

We are the only studio in the area providing guided clay instruction in hand-building to design, build and glaze ceramic art works. Whether you are looking for a creative activity for a child, an opportunity to share the joy of making with a child or you want time to do something for yourself…

krb ceramics classes utilize the entire clay process. You make the item in wet clay under guided instruction using in a step by step technique. During the instruction, you able to customize the project to your own personal expression. We build the clay in one 1.5 to 3 hour long class depending on the project and the age of the participants. For the next few days the project remains in the studio to dry and then it is bisque fired in a kiln. About a week later you come back for a second class where the project is glazed. Once glazed, it is fired again and is available to pick up about a week later.

We offer three types of classes. If you don’t see something that suits your schedule contact us to arrange a class for you and your friends.


Childrens class

Children learn basic hand-building techniques through a variety of projects.


Adult class

We offer a variety of classes and projects for the seasoned clay artist or novice utilizing various hand-building techniques. 


Adult & Child class

Spend some quality creative time with your little one. Our projects appeal to all ages.